Sachin Tendulkar Contribution to Indian team

30 Dec

Sure he is called a genius and a little master. The exceptional praise showered has not been of any particular use to India. The mark of a great man is that, he stands up when every thing around him is in shambles. A true genius sets the example in difficult situation.

Lets remember that first test match in South Africa where Indian team was pummeled by the bowlers such as Alan Donald, Shaun Pollock and Lance Klusener.

See here

Tendular only managed to get a 20 run where in one inning, he lost his stumps to the pounding of Alan Donald. Tendulkar has not rallied the team to win any of the major ODI world cups. Sure he has records, but not when it mattered most.

Tendulkar was one of the prolific scorers when he first turned up. He never scored a century in ODI for quite sometime, when he was busy bludgeoning the bowling attack. Thanks to Gavaskar who played a great role in moulding Tendulkar’s game to sit well in record books, however at the detriment of the Indian team.

As far as my knowledge goes on cricket, this 1996 South african team was the best of the best of all times and best in the world. They had a guy like Klusener to make a century coming in at 8. It was dreadful thought of facing this 1996 SA team.


One Response to “Sachin Tendulkar Contribution to Indian team”

  1. priya gupta December 23, 2013 at 4:41 pm #

    sachin is ‘THE BEST’……..he was, he is, and he will be the star in eyes of all of us…….

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